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Worcester is a city slated to lead the way into the new millennium. Originally a leading manufacture community, "Woo-stah" has transcended simple definition, becoming a center for advanced technology and research. Its business climate is phenomenal, catering not only to the city's 175,000 souls, but also to the six million people within a 50-mile radius!

Worcester real estate also caters to a comprehensive and successful education industry, housing a number of institutions of higher learning including Worcester State College, Clark University, the College of the Holy Cross, Assumption College, and MCPHS. Worcester is also a premier insurance center, and acts as an inland port of entry for international commerce.

The history of Worcester is almost an homunculus of early American political development itself. It was defended by the Nipmuc people when the Europeans came late in the seventeenth century. Then the name Worcester was chosen in contempt of King Charles II (it served as a reference to the king's defeat at Worcester, England decades earlier), and the area was a stage for action in both the Revolutionary War and Shays' Rebellion.

Worcester real estate occupies a range of hills above the Blackstone River, on the west side of Lake Quinsigamond. It covers 97 square kilometers, or 37.5 square miles, and is populated by a mix of ethnicities, but 87.3% is white (1990 Census).

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