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Scituate is a town in Plymouth County, in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro area. Scituate real estate is called home by a population of 17,863 (2000 Census).

Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the community's heritage includes shipbuilding, fishing and brick making. I'm certain that some of you are curious as to how the town became known as Scituate. The name is derived from an aboriginal term meaning "cold brook."

Scituate is a naturally beautiful seaside community with quiet beaches, good schools and a vibrant community spirit. In a testament to Scituate's natural beauty, the producers of the 1987 movie, "The Witches of Eastwick" selected Scituate as the primary filming location. It's the raw beauty of the place that draws people to live here. Although the average commute time for Scituate workers is 38 minutes compared with 26 minutes nationwide, you will be hard pressed to find a resident that complains.

The median household income in Scituate was reported in the last census to be $70,868, significantly higher than the National median household income of $41,994. Scituate residents are well educated, with 48% of residents age 25 and older having a college degree.

With the Scituate real estate market softening on the South Shore, now is a most opportune time to purchase your new home. Should you be interested in purchasing a home in Scituate, take the time to review current Scituate listings here >.

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