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Rockport is a quaint, summer resort town in Essex County, in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro area. Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean at the tip of Cape Ann, Rockport was once a bustling seaport, shipping granite from the nearby quarries. Rockport real estate houses a population of 7,767 (2000 Census).

In 1937 the WPA Guide to Massachusetts said, "Modern Rockport is an artist's paradise, with neat wooden houses crowding close around the harbor looking seaward." Katherine Anne Porter must have taken this to heart as she finished her novel, "Ship of Fools," in 1961 while staying in Rockport at the Yankee Clipper Inn.

Today, Rockport real estate is one of the safest communities in the United States, with violent crime essentially non-existent at 0.1 per thousand people. In 2003, the FBI reported only 1 solitary violent crime and absolutely no murders or homicides.

The median household income in Rockport was reported in the last census to be $50,661, significantly higher than the National median household income of $41,994. Forty-four percent of Rockport residents age 25 and older have a college degree.

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