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An affluent suburban community on the scenic, historic North River in Eastern Massachusetts, Norwell enjoys all of the heritage and beauty of old New England. Its historic district especially makes Norwell real estate a favorite for those who enjoy the old architecture and the feeling of long history.

Norwell's history is marked by a miasma of industries, beginning with agriculture, then shifting to shipbuilding. BUt like Duxbury, it's shallow waters couldn't accommodate the newer, bigger ships, and the community had to turn to poultry farming. When most of the flocks were infected with a virus, though, the farmers lost everything and were bought out by developers. But this was long enough ago that the scars of the tragedy don't affect the town today. The development of Norwell real estate into residential neighborhoods coincided with the G.I Bill that helped moved WWII veterans into homes, and Norwell's population almost doubled between 1950 and 1955. Today, Norwell is a friendly suburban community with plenty of beautiful homes to complement the general ambience of the town as a whole.

Norwell is in Plymouth County, just 20 miles south of Boston, not far to the southwest of Scituate, with easy access to New Inlet and the Atlantic. Marshfield Airport is also nearby.

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