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Medford MA is a cosmopolitan city whose relatively slim population of 60,000 belies its scope of activity. It is because of this dynamic, involved spirit of living that Medford real estate is as much in demand as it is. Medford is just 5 miles northwest of Boston, bordered on the east by Everett and Malden, and on the west by Arlington.

The fourth oldest English settlement in America, Medford was founded in 1630 but not established as a city until 1892. In its early days, Medford real estate was employed by those who would use its small streams for light industry, like grist mills. But ultimately as a tidewater seaport, colonial Medford thrived, branching out into the production of rum, printed cloth, bricks, carpets, linseed oil, and ships. As the population exploded with those who longed to be included in the prosperity, Medford real estate gave over to even greater industrial pursuits. Brass soda fountains, covered buttons, chemicals, and shoe-making machines helped to accommodate the economic growth that saw a population quadrupled in 40 years (1870 to 1910).

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