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Hopkinton is a pretty, rural community west and south of Boston. Residents enjoy an extensive system of parklands, which offers the gamut of fishing, climbing, hiking, boating, swimming, snowmobiling, jet-skiing, horseback-riding, and more. The 84-acre Town Forest is a favorite, with its small white pine trees planted in 1928, and its supposed impressions of dinosaur footprints. Hopkinton fishing holes are numerous, too, at Sudbury River, Lake Maspenock and Lake Whitehall especially. For hikers, there is College Rock Park, where a 1/4 mile long path takes you to the top of a 70ft. high ledge (College Rock), from the top of which you can see part of Milford.

Hopkinton real estate is home to 14,300 residents. But despite its being founded almost 300 years ago in 1715, half of the citizens didn't arrive until the last decade. So why is Hopkinton one of the fastest growing communities in Massachusetts now? Perhaps it's the charm of a place that keeps its rural character despite being within forty minutes of Boston, Worcester, and Providence, Rhode Island. Residents can relax in the old Massachusetts countryside like Thoreau, even though they've easy access to two major airports and advanced technologies.

To accommodate the new growth, there has been a stalwart effort to construct a lot of new, expensive homes (average price $586,481). Similarly, new institutions have popped up to accommodate the needs of a larger citizenry, and more schools and a seniors' home are on the drawing board. Hopkinton real estate is slated to experience wonderful things in the next while.

Hopkinton is also prepared for marriage with big business. The town is already home to several advanced technology and biotechnology companies, including EMC Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. And in line with expectations about future growth, Hopkinton has developed its infrastructure to meet the needs of its industrial partners.

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