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Harwich is a gorgeous, primarily resort and residential community on the southern part of the elbow of Cape Cod, in Barnstable County. It opens onto Nantucket Sound with an extensive shoreline, making Harwich real estate one of the most desirable places on the Cape for vacationers and homeowners alike. And while the beaches on the great salt lake are the chief attraction in Harwich, there are also a number of freshwater beach opportunities in the area.

The town of Harwich is actually a collection of seven distinct communities. These are the North, South, East and West Harwiches, Harwich Port, Harwich Center, and Pleasant Lake. To pronounce the name of Harwich, you should avoid saying "Har-witch"; it should sound like "Harritch".

The history of Harwich real estate is marked by boom and disappointment. The whaling industry thrived until it became obsolete, then cod fishing brought in riches for years, only to be upset by the development of vessels too large for the harbor. Now Harwich is a success again, focusing on cranberry production and seasonal resorts. It certainly has a lot to offer visitors; historic homes, golf, beautiful sandy beaches, fabulous dining and great family recreation contribute to the lasting prestige of Harwich real estate.

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