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The town of East Bridgewater is in Plymouth County in Southern Massachusetts, south of Whitman and north of Bridgewater; or if you're from out of state, you can think of it as being south of Boston and west of Plymouth.

East Bridgewater has been around for a very long time, and this tradition is evident in the way the residents carry themselves. Even if your family is from elsewhere, you can just feel your roots sinking into very deep soil here. While East Bridgewater real estate has been largely residential since the trolley lines went in a hundred years ago, it began as an industrial powerhouse in the early 1700's, with tanneries, forges, grist and saw mills, and later began to process its leathers into shoes and boots, and textiles were produced, too.

East Bridgewater real estate is populated by over 13,000 people, an overwhelming majority of them being of a white race. The second largest group is African-Americans, numbering only in the neighborhood of about 200.

Town of East Bridgewater
Metro South Chamber of Commerce - East Bridgewater

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