Duxbury Real Estate

Duxbury is an affluent residential suburb of Boston. It covers about 63 square miles, and it's about 33 miles southeast of the big city, in Plymouth County. The value of Duxbury real estate is strong and growing, with most new homes selling for $500,000 to over $1 million.

Duxbury was one of the towns founded by Miles Standish early in the seventeenth century. It was a hub for shipbuilding then, but its shallow bay (Duxbury Bay) couldn't sustain the industry as ships grew in size. Today, Duxbury real estate is used mostly to house executives and other professionals who work in the Boston metro area. Duxbury also produces cranberries, poultry and shellfish, and is a popular summer resort destination.

A note on pronunciation: When a local says Duxbury, it doesn't sound like "ducks-berry". It should sound like "ducks-burry".

Town of Duxbury

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