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Brookline began as a rural community in the early years of American colonialism. The town was full of farmland in the early 1630's, surrounding an area called the Muddy River Hamlet. It grew to include major roads and a schoolhouse before being incorporated by 1705. Today, the modern community is a quickly-growing suburb of Boston, situated in Norfolk County, with the Brookline real estate area housing a population of over 56,000 people.

Brookline real estate includes dozens of old buildings, many of them historical icons from colonial times or elegant luxuries of the economic boom after the turn of the century. Such famous structures include the Longwood Towers and Hotel Beaconsfield. Brookline was also, and still is, home to some of the oldest hospitals in the nation, such as the Corey Hill Hospital. Modern school districts have grown to include extras spaces and classrooms for all in the county. Each school maintains a unique identity as a mix of urban and suburban atmosphere providing equal access to all.

Town of Brookline, MA
Brookline Chamber of Commerce

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