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Bridgewater real estate is in demand for a number of reasons, not just because of its aesthetic beauty and community spirit. It allows for convenient access to a combination of types of destinations, including such diverse places as Cape Cod, Boston, and the beautiful interior of New England. Bridgewater also boasts the oldest and largest state college, and architecture preserved from a variety of epochs, characterized in Greek, Italian, and Federal styles.

The town that thrives today with over 20,000 souls has been established for 350 years already. In the seventeenth century, Bridgewater real estate was used for livestock and crops. Later, iron forges were put up to supply the War of Independence and the Civil War, and later still the land was used for shoe, brick and nail manufacture, drawing resident workers from the surrounding lands.

The areas that surround Bridgewater real estate offer deep historical character combined with original modern landscaping and architecture, especially in the downtown section and the town's commons. Bridgewater is home to one of the oldest educational facilities in the nation, the Bridgewater State College. Founded in 1840, the university specializes in an education program and practicum to prepare new teachers for entering the schools. Bridgewater succeeds in maintaining its glowing charms and friendly, small-town appeal.

Town of Bridgewater, MA
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