Boylston Real Estate

The Boylston real estate area is located in Eastern Massachusetts. Sterling and Clinton are to the north, Berlin is to the east, and Shrewsbury is to the south. Boylston is just few minutes drive from Worcester and a half hour from Boston. Boylston is a small town with a population of about 7,500 - but it has quick access to all of the handy metropolitan amenities.

The city of Boylston is well known for its Conservation Commission, a dedicated, government funded organization for preserving the environment and wildlife for the Boylston real estate area. Other amenities in the town include the Beaman Public Library, a fully functional fire department and a developing parks service committed to exploiting and preserving the many parks and wilderness refuges surrounding the town. West Boylston contains one district high school, enrolling both junior and senior students, and new housing projects are being developed all the time.

Town of Boylston

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