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The Ashland MA real estate area is a small town of about 14,600 people situated in quiet Middlesex County. Ashland is considered to be a small town, but it has quick access to the Boston-Cambridge metro area. Along with most towns in the state, Ashland has a deep pioneer history beginning with Sir Harry Frankland, a descendant of Oliver Cromwell, building a manor as early as 1750.

Ashland real estate offers many small town amenities, such as the Ashland State Park and the Ashland Historical Society. The Ashland Public Library is currently going through a government-funded upgrade to the aging structure. The crime rate is among the lowest recorded in the state, with a figure just under 1 per 1000 people. Ashland real estate offers a realistic alternative to the modern urbanization of metropolitan Boston, while maintaining its character as a small but modern suburb.

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