Massachusetts Real Estate - About Us

The Massachusetts Real Estate website is not a "corporation" or "real estate firm," but rather is just an informal group of loosely affiliated companies from various parts of the state. These agents and companies have teamed up to provide you, the consumer with the easiest possible access to all of the information you need to make your real estate buying process as simple as possible. They were selected based on a proven track record of success in the industry, technological competence, and the willingness to respond quickly to all of your real estate questions and needs. All agents licensed in Massachusetts are authorized to show property throughout the state. The regionalization found here in our website was done by the agents themselves to accurately display to the consumer the specific areas that they cover on a regular basis. They have set up their MLS interfaces to include the towns that they regularly work in, per MLS-PIN rules and regulations.

It is entirely possible that you might be looking in two different areas of the state and need to be “signed” up at different agent’s websites. That’s totally to be expected, so if you don’t see the towns you’re looking for in one section of the map, just go back to the home page and click the other location.

These companies all operate independently of each other in all respects, and have different customs, policies, and privacy policies, so upon selecting your region, please feel free to inquire of that particular company what their different policies are.

A list of agents and companies participating in this group can be found on the home page.

Massachusetts Real Estate Area Map

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